Meaningful Innovation Relies on Interaction and Service Design

Session Title

Meaningful Innovation Relies on Interaction and Service Design


Nathan Shedroff

Session Type: Keynote

The way toward a more sustainable, more meaningful, and post-consumerist world is through the creation of more meaningful experiences. Now that we have a model for meaning as a dimension of the things we create, we can put it in our design processes to create these deeper, more satisfying experiences. Interaction and Service Design already use the tools that illuminate meaning if we only start to focus them here. However, our clients and teams will need help appreciating these dynamics and they will need to respond in terms of corporate strategy in order to be most effective. Nathan Shedroff will discuss the tools and approaches to creating meaningful experiences and highlight how interaction designers can have the biggest impact in their creation.


Nathan Shedroff is the chair of the ground-breaking MBA in Design Strategy at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco, CA. He is one of the pioneers in Experience Design, Interaction Design and Information Design. He speaks and teaches internationally and has written extensively on design and business issues, including, Experience Design 1 and maintains a website with resources on Experience Design at He’s a serial entrepreneur, works in several media, and consults strategically for companies to build better, more meaningful experiences for their customers. His latest book, Making Meaning, co-written with two members of Cheskin, a Silicon Valley-based strategy consultancy, explores how companies can specifically create products and services to evoke meaning in their audiences and customers.