Service Design: an Interaction Design Perspective

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Service Design: an Interaction Design Perspective


Jamin Hegeman, Nokia

Session Type: Presentation

What role do interaction designers have in service design? What is service design? How is it different from interaction design? Or is it not? This talk will explore these questions by looking at service design projects, including a project with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Neurosurgery Clinic. As an interaction designer with service design education and experience, I will offer my insights what skills and methods interaction designers need work in this emerging area of design.


Jamin Hegeman is a senior designer at Nokia Design in San Francisco, where he works across the Nokia organization to define new services and business opportunities from a design perspective. He has a masters in design with a focus on interaction design from Carnegie Mellon University, where he also taught a course on interaction design. His design experience ranges from mobile services for HIV patients to service design for a neurosurgery clinic. Jamin’s interests include interaction design, service design, organizational design, design strategy, social services, healthcare, behavioral change, identity construction, emotion, and the design of culture. During his 13 years of experience, Jamin has worked as a journalist at United Press International, editor at EEI Communications, web developer at the University of Pittsburgh, and designer at Adaptive Path. In 2005, he also started Yum Yum Web, a web design and consulting company. Jamin is a member of the Service Design Network and has been on the planning board for the Service Design Network conference since 2008. He also directed CMU’s Emergence service design conference in 2007. Jamin has a passion for design and its ability to transform the world from what exists to what people aspire it to be, and believes interaction design can be applied much more broadly than it is today.