UX Show & Tell

Session Title

UX Show & Tell


Chris Avore, Erova Studios LLC

Session Type: Activity

Even the most involved practitioners of the UX community have few places to turn when they want face to face, trusted feedback on their various deliverables.

Because while we may attend national conferences, workshops, Refresh meetings and participate in book clubs and casual happy hours, there’s little opportunity to regularly share our work with a receptive helpful audience.

UX Show & Tell is a casual workshop that’s all about the work. Show shortcuts. Ask what to annotate in a wireframe. Draft scenarios and user stories, and identify one from the other. Share portfolios. Get feedback from practitioners instead of stakeholders.

Since many of those attending Interaction|10 are experienced UX designers, the workshop will not only provide time to share real work amongst colleagues from across the globe, but will also emphasize how to host similar Show & Tell events back home long after the conference. Learn what’s worked well and what hasn’t when providing the opportunity to share work.

Participants should bring at least one document they’re comfortable sharing, regardless of whether that document was ever a final deliverable or not. We’re interested in sharing processes that lead to design decisions, not necessarily a finished product you’ve provided to your clients or your boss.


Chris Avore is an interaction designer in the Washington DC area, specializing in usable interface design and information architecture.

After years of working independently, he grew tired of asking his bulldog for persona advice and began pestering other user experience designers for feedback, and thus UX Show & Tell was, well, you get the idea.