Visual Thinker’s Pictionary

Session Title

Visual Thinker’s Pictionary


Dan Willis, Donna Spencer

Session Type: Activity

It’s Interaction 2010’s funkiest mashup! Combine the competitive adrenaline of Pictionary (the “quick-draw classic”) with the oh-so-trendy, but still deeply meaningful practice of visual thinking for 40 minutes of educational fun. Contestants will each get a marker, a complex problem to communicate visually, and up to five minutes at a drawing pad where raucous, possibly drunk, non-drawing participants will yell out guesses. The two game wardens, “Card Sorting” author Donna Spencer and cranky UX pro Dan Willis, will reward points based on successful connection with the audience, originality, creativity, and possibly a swimsuit competition. Winners, and there will be many, will receive fabulous prizes. This could be your chance to try out one of the century’s most talked-about tools (assistance will be provided) and for experienced visual thinkers, it’s a chance to test your skills against the best. So come take part in the practical application of visual thinking in this totally impractical activity. As with all visual thinking, absolutely no artistic talent required.


Donna Spencer is a freelance information architect, interaction designer, world-renowned speaker and workshop leader, and author of a wildly popular book about card sorting. (Seriously, it’s bigger than “The Da Vinci Code” in Slovenia.) She’s Australian so she talks funny and laughs a lot, both of which should make Visual Thinker’s Pictionary a big hit.

Dan Willis has been building Web products and creating “no-duh” deliverables for something like a hundred years and although he usually hides behind his alter ego UX Crank, he has agreed not to wear a mask for the duration of this session. At least not on his face.