Writing for Relationships (and Applications)

Session Title

Writing for Relationships (and Applications)


Denise Wilton/Moo

Session Type: Presentation

A successful company forges good relationships with its customers.

There are many potential relationship catalysts: an enticing homepage design, a well crafted page found via search, an easy-to-use application.

Writing engaging copy for an online application is more than a set of useful instructions on process. If your process is that intuitive, it probably doesn’t need much copy anyway – what do you do then? How do you draw people in, make them feel part of something bigger and open up the dialogue?

With experience gained in traditional publishing, online community management and design for traditional and online media, I’ll discuss some of the lessons I’ve learnt as a designer by qualification and copywriter by necessity.


Denise Wilton is the Creative Director of award winning online print company moo.com.

A varied role, she is responsible for the creation of the brand, from the visual look and feel both on and offline, to the tone of voice in written, customer-facing communication. She is also the community manager – and with her third hand, makes a mean cup of tea.

Working as a designer for over 15 years, she has held various senior design roles in traditional and online media.

Denise is also co-founder of the large online creative community, b3ta.com, which, she warns, is not for the fainthearted.