Local Leaders Workshop

Led By:

Angel Anderson & Chris Stone


IxDA local groups are the life blood of our community with more that 80 groups worldwide allowing our members to enjoy regular, face-to-face interaction. This workshop is focused on getting to the core of what it takes to understand and manage the life cycle of your IxDA local group. We’ll get the ball rolling with a discussion between local groups in varied life stages by seating each table with a mixture of aspiring local leaders, new leaders, leaders struggling for their group’s identity, and leaders of well-established groups that have grown large and unwieldy. The overall goal is to share and collaborate upon the collective experiences and knowledge of the local leaders to help you asses long and short-term goals for your city and regional IxDA organization and walk away with inspiring “next steps” to get there.

This is a participation-heavy event! We will learn from each other, and share ideas, an distribute tools for getting a group off the ground and sustaining momentum. For those that make it through, we’ll celebrate by heading out on the town for a drink or two afterwards.