6 Developers, 6 Weeks, 1 Major Innovation: Creating “Corel Paint it! Touch”

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6 Developers, 6 Weeks, 1 Major Innovation: Creating “Corel Paint it! Touch”


Jennifer Fraser, Corel Corporation

Session Type: Demo

Windows 7 is building the foundation for a new era of touch applications on the desktop, and the Corel team — creators of the award-winning natural-media application, Painter — saw a perfect fit for drawing and painting in this powerful new touch environment. Constrained by having 6 developers for just 6 weeks, the Corel team innovated in the emerging area of desktop touch applications to produce a new product: Corel Paint it! Touch.

This presentation will take attendees through the design and development process for the product, will identify the challenges presented by touch applications in a traditional desktop environment, and will culminate with a demonstration of the final product.


Jennifer Fraser is a Lead User Experience Designer at Corel Corporation. During her 11+ years with the company, she has worked on a wide range of products but is currently focused on the Painter Essentials family of consumer products. She has both a Bachelor and Master of Architecture from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada and has been told that she designs and builds great cocktails.

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  1. Posted October 2, 2009 at 12:09 am

    Getting a look behind the scenes of how a new touch application was developed sounds like a strong demo. Corel has a long history in graphics software and interaction design. The rapid development of this product sounds like something we could all learn from. I look forward to this demo.