Interactive Stickies

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Interactive Stickies


Engin Erdogan, IDEO

Session Type: Demo

We prototype interaction states as snapshots within a flow. Challenging to demonstrate with static compositions, interface behaviors tend to be left unexplored, mostly until visual design takes place. As a result, behavioral explorations have little space for informing the direction that design takes.

In a recent project, we explored behaviors early on as part of a rapid prototyping cycle. Our prototypes were free of branding, with the detail level of a wireframe. Yet, using simple animations we were able to understand how the interface would behave. They gave us the space for exploring a wide range of possibilities without marrying to any of them in particular. We called the result interactive stickies.

With this demo, I would like to share the thought process that went into our interactive stickies and what we learned from our experience, the good and the bad.


Engin Erdogan is a senior interaction designer and project lead at IDEO Palo Alto.

With a focus on networked systems, Engin has worked on a variety of projects at IDEO where he has led the design of interactions, user interfaces, spatial experiences and brand strategies.

Having an understanding of how design fits into the larger business strategy, Engin has tackled projects across numerous industries — from financial services, media, medical device and automotive.

Prior to joining IDEO, Engin worked as a copywriter and concept developer at Saatchi & Saatchi Istanbul, where he created advertising campaigns for major companies in industries ranging from fast moving consumer goods to telecommunications.

Engin holds a Masters degree in Information Design & Technology at Georgia Institute of Technology, and a BSc in Civil Engineering from Yildiz Technical University of Istanbul, Turkey. His graduate work, on enhanced television and interactive narrative, was featured by PBS, the American Film Institute, and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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  1. Posted October 2, 2009 at 12:13 am

    Sounds cool. Did you use an existing application to develop the animations or are interactive stickies a custom build of some kind?