Putting the “Eye” in IxD

Session Title

Putting the “Eye” in IxD


Dante Murphy, Digitas

Session Type: Demonstration

Using rapid prototyping and eye tracking to accelerate informed design

As the most recent firestorm over the value of eye-tracking will attest, interest in and curiosity about this technology and its application continue to encroach on the field of interactions design. Designers continue to demand proven tools and methodologies that will help them deliver the best results possible within the constraints of time, budget, and technology they are dealt; this case study recounts a scenario in which time was short and questions were numerous.

Our demonstration will trace the evolution of wireframes and preliminary specifications into a refined and validated design using eye-tracking and rapid prototyping, all in less than a week.

Preparatory processes covered will include:
* drafting a test plan to identify areas of interest
* translation of wireframes or design specs into testable prototypes
* drafting an agile discussion guide
* setting up the experiment
* screening and recruiting participants

The session will include a demonstration and best practices for the following activities:
* running the experiment
* midstream revisions
* using markers and annotations in notes

Finally, the steps related to extracting and delivering conclusions will be presented, including:
* analyzing the eye-tracking data
* pulling images, quotes and video
* delivering findings
* updating the design

This demonstration will be conducted with VISIO wireframes, an interactive prototype developed in Axure, and eye-tracking equipment and analytic software from SMI.


Dante is the Vice President of User Experience for Digitas Health, the health agency of Digitas and a global leader in digital and healthcare communications. His responsibilities include experience strategies, ideation, design, testing, methodologies, and building a world-class multi-disciplinary design practice.

Dante was a session speaker at the Interaction ’09 and has also presented to audiences in New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC. He publishes a monthly blog called “Optimized Experience by Design” and currently has several book proposals in development.