Rapid prototyping with Adobe Flash Catalyst

Session Title

Rapid prototyping with Adobe Flash Catalyst


Guillermo Torres, Adobe

Session Type: Demo

Prototyping can help you create better designs, improve team collaboration, effectively communicate with stakeholders, and overcome hurdles before the development phase of your product. In this demo, learn how Adobe Flash Catalyst can empower you to rapidly transform your static designs into interactive prototypes without writing any code. Specify interactions, orchestrate motion and work more efficiently with developers by allowing them to leverage the prototype in the final product, and sell your ideas to stake holders by showing them functional design instead of static wireframes full of notations.


Guillermo Torres is part of Adobe’s XD team where as a Sr. UX Designer he works on crafting the experience for products like Flash Catalyst. Prior to joining Adobe, he navigated between interaction design and development at AKQA and Method. Always bringing a mix of both left and right brain to everything he does. In his 10 years of in the industry he has created engaging, award winning interactive experiences for global brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Visa and Target.


  1. Posted September 19, 2009 at 10:21 pm

    Can you give more of a sense of what you’ll be demonstrating? I am very interested in learning more about the product, but have already seen demos from Adobe staff that showed off the features of the product but didn’t really incorporate much context from other designers. If this is going to be audience-directed, then I am much more interested. Especially if the sample files can be shared.

  2. Posted September 21, 2009 at 7:50 pm

    Hi Dante, I was planning on showing how I have been using the tool as UX designer. It is a new tool, so I will still need to show the basics and you will get some overlap with what other demos have shown. Can you ellaborate on what you mean by: “…showed off the features of the product but didn’t really incorporate much context from other designers”. It should help me steer the direction of the demo.