A donkey’s desire path – AKA Design and user experience approaches to foster behavioural change

Session Title

A donkey’s desire path – AKA Design and user experience approaches to foster behavioural change


Franco Papeschi

Session Type: Presentation

The presentation is a journey through some of the approaches that have been adopted to foster behavioural change in different disciplines, in order to distill effective interaction design principles that may facilitate individuals and groups to rethink the way act.
Human centred design is more and more considering to human behaviour as a one of the variable of the system to be designed, rather than a static monolith that — even though must be studied and considered – will always be a constant. As Robert Fabricant would say, design is (on of) our medium.
Getting some ideas from what the mass media approaches, as well as some of the persuasion techniques based on pushing for commitment, I will show that the rising popularity of ‘persuasive personal informatics’ is not enough. Based on design projects on sustainable design I have done in the past few moths, and supported by studies and researches on social and cognitive psychology, I will show a set of interaction design principles to foster a change in people’s behaviours.


I like to ask questions about different aspects of the world. In the past 10 years I’ve become more and more curious about how human beings interact with socio-technical systems. In other words, I’m a User Experience designer, whatever you may think it means (well, I do have a pretty clear idea, ask me more!). I am fascinated by how involving people can change design of services and products, and how a deep understanding of their attitudes, practices and behaviours is pivotal for inspiring innovation. if we meet up in Savannah or somewhere else, you may also want to ask me something about capoeira, or maybe about improvisational theatre. And also something about my passion for the slow food movement.