Beyond Static Comps: Protecting Your Design Vision throughout the Development Process

Session Title

Beyond Static Comps: Protecting Your Design Vision throughout the Development Process


Michael Matthews, Maark

Session Type: Presentation

While end-to-end collaboration between designers and developers is essential to success in the development process, it takes more than conversations surrounding static design comps and prototypes to effectively communicate your design vision. In this session we’ll explore how to provide the reference materials and resources necessary for your dev team to accurately reproduce your design and deliver the experience you had in mind.

Visual Design:
- Communicating hidden spatial logic
- Mathematical precision/ pixel perfection
- Component skinning
- Typographic style guides
- Layered graphic production & assembly instructions

Functionality, Behavior & Animation
- Application and component states
- Defining Functionality with Video Prototyping
- Choreographing animation


Michael Matthews has been studying, practicing, and teaching graphic design for more than ten years. A career cast in the rise of motion graphics and interaction design for web-based experiences, Michael has focused on applying the first principles of typographic and information design to emerging technologies.

In his professional life, Michael is the Senior Interactive Design Director for Maark, a strategic and interactive B2B marketing agency in Boston, Massachusetts. In this role Michael is responsible for the research and design of innovative new marketing technology solutions for Maark’s clients. In addition to helping the agency develop new business relationships, he has directed the design of corporate websites, motion graphics, desktop applications, and new product concepts for some of the world’s largest technology brands — including Microsoft, HP, Avaya, Intuit, Seagate, and Alcatel-Lucent among others.

Michael lives with his girlfriend, Amanda, in Boston where they enjoy both blending into the din of the city as well as fleeing it in pursuit of interesting landscapes, people and events worth photographing or commemorating with a nice bottle of wine.

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