Cross Media Strategic Design

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Cross Media Strategic Design


Pieter Jongerius, Fabrique

Session Type: Presentation

I don’t know about you, but to me “strategic advice” has had for long this magical ring to it, as if only some happy few knew what it meant to deliver that. That had to stop. I am convinced that interaction designers need to break this illusion by entering the world of strategic design.

On a warm evening in June, a small number of Fabrique (Amsterdam, NL) people came together and drew up a map of their combined worlds. Each coming from his or her own background, industrial design, print design, user experience design and web design, they took on the task of integrating these worlds into one. The resulting map included a number of abstract ways to look at the world, from our context as humans, via concepts such as brands and different media, all the way down to the day to day operation. Furthermore, to demystify our process, we chose a small number of tools to help us at each step.

Now this map is surely not the only way of approaching Cross Media Strategic Design. And to be perfectly honest, the set of tools we selected to go with it is incomplete by definition. However, both have helped us a lot in looking at the world in a more profound and structured way. And perhaps more importantly, they have helped our clients understand what determines their success.

I would love to share this map and our selection of tools with the community. It may be either a presentation (including some cases where we applied the tools) or a discussion from which we all might further develop our strategic skills. For now, I’ll go with the presentation form, but please advice!


Pieter Jongerius is Interaction Director and Strategist at the Dutch design agency Fabrique. Originally an Industrial Design Engineer, he specialized in web design as early as 1996, with a special interest in interaction, strategy and methodology. In recent years he has done award winning work for national and international companies such as Heineken, Sony Music, Ahold and more.

Fabrique specializes in cross media business to consumer communications and employs around 80 people, amongst whom is a team of 10 interaction designers.