Customer Experience Mapping

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Customer Experience Mapping


Dante Murphy, Digitas

Session Type: Presentation

Using research-driven personas and scenarios to identify and describe a strategy

As design thinking continues to take hold in the business world, interaction designers and other related disciplines are increasingly being asked to contribute their techniques and insights to the formulation of large-scale strategies. The breadth and complexity of these strategies, combined with the skepticism and entrenched thinking of marketing, account, and development professionals, demands an evocative method for communicating observations, opportunities, and the resulting tactics and guidelines.

Customer Experience Maps allow the design team to record their observations and assumptions, align them with research-based personas or customer archetypes, and draft realistic and demonstrative scenarios that present the strategy as a system of interconnected pathways from a network of needs to carefully crafted solutions. Individual maps can be presented to targeted product or regional teams to illustrate a specific implementation of the strategy, while the aggregation of the maps into a comprehensive system represents the global or enterprise strategy.

This presentation will demonstrate the evolution of the Customer Experience Map during the project lifecycle. The following activities will be covered:
• discovering personas
• drafting scenarios
• defining need and solution attributes
• designing representative tactics
• describing alternate pathways

A slide deck and VISIO template of the sample Customer Experience Map will be shared with all attendees.


Dante is the Vice President of User Experience for Digitas Health, the health agency of Digitas and a global leader in digital and healthcare communications. His responsibilities include experience strategies, ideation, design, testing, methodologies, and building a world-class multi-disciplinary design practice.

Dante was a session speaker at the Interaction ’09 and has also presented to audiences in New York, New Jersey, and Washington DC. He publishes a monthly blog called “Optimized Experience by Design” and currently has several book proposals in development.

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  1. Posted September 15, 2009 at 11:56 am

    I caught a Dante presentation at a D.C. event earlier this year and the dude rocks. I’ll be the first one in the room for this presentation.