Data transparency: Gathering emerging behavioral research insights in the digital age

Session Title

Data transparency: Gathering emerging behavioral research insights in the digital age


Erin Sanders

Session Type: Presentation

With rapid advancements in technology, the ease to constantly be connected is upon us. This, in return, means that people are becoming more open with the information we share. A few years from now, with the advent of individual’s who have spent their entire lives online, data will be trending towards becoming completely transparent.

It is important in researching for and designing future products, services and experiences that we embrace that we are interacting and communicating differently with people, products and services than ever before.

How can designers and researchers leverage our existing knowledge in user research to develop new methods that will address this changing technological landscape towards data transparency and the emerging behaviors that come with it? This interactive presentation aims to introduce a new longitudinal research technique that addresses the promotion of new technologies in the process to gain a more accurate understanding of people’s behaviors and where they are heading in the near future.


Erin Sanders is a Design Researcher for frog design in Shanghai, China. During her career as a design researcher and interaction designer she has worked on a range of consumer electronics and software development interactive systems, and performed global design research for industrial, healthcare and digital design projects. Erin is fortunate to currently lecture at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts where she teaches research practices for sustainable product development to industrial design students. She holds a Masters in Design from the University of Texas and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from The Savannah College of Art and Design.