Data Visualization: Self-Induced Epiphanies

Session Title

Data Visualization: Self-Induced Epiphanies


Kim Rees, Dino Citraro

Session Type: Presentation

Data visualization is a burgeoning field in our industry. Predominantly a mixture of art and science, the practice takes something inherently abstract and invisible (like numbers and statistics) and provides a visual context and identity.

The traditional ways of presenting data, most often in spreadsheets, is typically inaccessible, hard to digest, and requires a commitment on the part of the user in order to uncover the relationships. By creating visualizations of the data, we are able to introduce information in a way that is engaging, relevant and personal.

During this presentation we will be presenting three examples of our data visualization work—State of the Sockeye, a site dealing with polar bear health and habitat, and an exploration of the words spoken by the 110th Congress. We will also discuss the thought process used in developing their interfaces and interaction methods.


Kim Rees
Kim Rees has gravitated to data since she was five and kept a log book of bird songs. She logically received her Computer Science degree from NYU and has been computationally exploring data ever since. Kim has over 15 years experience in the industry and hopes to one day thwart a crime by using data

Dino Citraro
A 15-year veteran of the multimedia industry, Dino Citraro’s work has spanned interactive motion pictures, multi-player online games, web-based narratives, immersive data visualizations, and interactive hardware installations.

Periscopic is an award-winning interactive design and development firm specializing in user-centric design with a strong focus on information visualization. The company’s work has appeared in several publications, including the 2009 Communication Arts Interactive Annual and in the Information Design Sourcebook.