Designing to persuade: Shaping the user experience

Session Title

Designing to persuade: Shaping the user experience


Ash Donaldson, Produxi Consulting

Session Type: Presentation

Whether you are working on an e-commerce site, Government portal, or communications strategy, persuasion is an essential ingredient in shaping the user experience. When a few simple things come together, we can use technology to change behaviours in positive ways. Yet so few of us understand persuasion. In this presentation, we’ll explore how persuasion works, and talk about some solid tools for shaping a better a user experience.


Ash Donaldson is a freelance user experience designer with a background in human factors, design, and psychology. He has spent 14 years designing systems to ‘fit’ the way people think and behave.

Ash helps write the international standards, has chaired academic conferences, led industry groups, and been an expert witness in federal court for human-centred design. Although often overseas, he lives mostly between Brisbane, Sydney, and his MacBook Pro.