Designing with numbers: How data fosters deeper connections

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Designing with numbers: How data fosters deeper connections


Chloe Gottlieb, R/GA

Session Type: Presentation

Designing with numbers: How data fosters deeper connections

Technology has empowered us to utilize data in ways that were previously impossible. When harnessed in an application with a simple interface, sterile data becomes meaningful and motivational. There is a flood of new tools that humanize data and track the most granular details about our lives. Data provides unbiased insight, over time, to help us see aspects of ourselves we couldn’t otherwise.

For Interaction Designers, this is an opportunity to connect people to experiences, and to each other, using data as the glue. The numbers can inspire shifts in behavior and connect people around common passions. As demonstrated through applications like Nike Plus, people get invested in tracking and comparing their progress with themselves and others, going so far as to broadcast their numbers through Facebook and Twitter.

The role that Interaction Designers will play in shaping the next wave of data-driven experiences is critical. Although the numbers tell a compelling story, intelligent design is required to shape the experience that makes them meaningful. Designing with data challenges us to think seriously about what information is available to us and how it can best be organized and displayed for optimal interaction. Most importantly, we have to keep interfaces clean and simple, so that large sets of information are easy to digest and fun to engage with. This session will include examples of best-in-class data-driven applications and cover best practices for designing with data.


Chloe Gottlieb, VP, ECD Interaction Design, R/GA

As VP, Executive Creative Director of Interaction Design, Chloe is responsible for leading and providing vision for R/GA’s interaction design department. Since joining R/GA in 2000, Chloe has produced work as diverse as the range of clients she has worked with, from systematic design and user-interface design for Verizon Wireless to branding campaigns for Nike and integrated cross-channel marketing for Nokia. She has worked in the U.S. and abroad as a design leader, a creative leader, and a visionary contributing to the development of Future VisionT, R/GA’s evolving vision of the consumer landscape. Chloe broadened her expertise with a brief tenure at Razorfish, where she engaged in deep ethnographic and insight-related engagements. While there, she worked on a variety of brands, from Conde Nast (embracing social networks on to Mercedes-AMG (creating an immersive, user-driven experience on