Effective Dashboard Design: Why Your Baby Is Ugly

Session Title

Effective Dashboard Design: Why Your Baby Is Ugly


Aaron Hursman, Hitachi Consulting

Session Type: Presentation

As enterprises and other organizations look to sift through and make sense of the all the structured and unstructured data available to them, dashboards are being positioned as the solution to their problems. However, a dashboard needs special attention to the visual design or the dashboard will fail to meet expectations. If not carefully designed, a new dashboard can leave consumers unsatisfied, frustrated, confused, and even overwhelmed.

Aaron Hursman will share his experiences designing effective dashboards that deliver on the promise of targeted, accessible, and actionable information. He will discuss examples from both his personal work and contributions of thought-leaders in this space. Through these [and other hideously ugly] examples , he will present practical dashboard design techniques. He will also present effective approaches to take during design and construction. Finally, Aaron will explain the challenges and obstacles that dashboard designers face today, and how to mitigate the risks that result.


Aaron Hursman specializes in user experience, interaction design, information architecture, enterprise & web content management, social networking, business intelligence, data visualization, and web application development. He has participated, advised, managed, and directed design research, design strategy, and design execution efforts as a consultant to Fortune 500 companies for over 11 years. Mr. Hursman has a long history of designing and developing user-focused solutions on enterprise platforms through the use of User Centered Design disciplines.