Fast iterative design through web testing

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Fast iterative design through web testing


Lisa Asari

Session Type: Presentation

The web is a powerful tool that helps us measure the merits of a different design, copy or offer. Web testing allows hypothesis to be proven out very quickly, so that learnings can be applied and best practices formed. For designers, understanding how to web test properly is crucial, as they can influence and guide the test in a way that helps the business and improves the user experience. We will explore how to understand why, when and where to use web-based testing and how it can empower design.


Lisa Asari is a user experience designer at Intuit working in the the small business web group. She has a background in innovation management consulting, physical product design and product development and has dabbled in fine jewelry. She is sometimes known for coming up with dance moves for UI elements, which combines two loves of her life (dance and design), both being about interaction. While studying Product Design at Stanford she fell deeply in love with uncovering user empathy and works to discover hidden nuggets of user insight at Intuit. Lisa is a UI designer that also moonlights as a project manager at Intuit. The combination of the tow roles allow for a greater connection of the design to the business objective of the projects. Her role is deeply collaborative with fellow designers, as well as with a variety of cross-functional folks. She and her teams work to produce sites and features on small business web projects at Intuit.

Wendy Spies has been changing the personal and business finance world at Intuit for the past 5 years by building everything from brand new products to innovating on long loved assets. From Quicken Desktop to iPhone applications, from SaaS to user contribution platforms, from new business initiatives to viral marketing campaigns Wendy has been using design thinking to revolutionize user experiences at every opportunity. Prior to Intuit Wendy has extensive experience in startups with online game Hive7, human genomics with Counsyl, security products with Voltage, tv interfaces with VCinema, video conferencing software with Vtel, and enterprise software with Trilogy. Wendy also had the pleasure of owning her own design firm, san studios, for a couple of years. Wendy began her career coming out of Stanford’s Product Design program (now known as the to work in advertising in Japan. She has always served as a product lead in her 13+ year career. She has a strong reputation as a creative, collaborative, flexible and visionary leader that quickly brings ideas to reality. Her design, drawing and writing skills serve to help communicate ideas and also improve products. She excels at communicating in complex environments, framing decisions and ideas in simple ways that can be understood at many levels of the organization from VPs to individual contributors. She thrives when she can make a difference, working with a variety of individuals to achieve a common goal – to bring a world-class product to market and make the company lots of money.

Ricardo’s background is in User interface design and visual communication. Ricardo is currently working as Senior Interaction and Visual designer as part of the Central Experience Design team at Intuit. Ricardo is in charge of creating interaction and visual designs for new Intuit initiatives, especially those related to mobile. Ricardo received a bachelor’s degree in Advertising from Universidad Central in Colombia and a master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University.