From mobile banking to matchmaking — hot emerging market opportunities for designers

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From mobile banking to matchmaking — hot emerging market opportunities for designers


Masuma Henry, Artefact

Session Type: Presentation

Emerging economies like India and China are growing, becoming more accessible, and represent expanding opportunities for the design world. How do we create unique and meaningful user experiences for people in these populations?

We need to challenge our assumptions about emerging economies. We must take a harder look at the unique cultural characteristics. We need to learn from the good design examples already being used.

From this talk, you’ll walk away with surprising examples of good design and an understanding of why these products succeeded in emerging markets. Learn about techniques for uncovering insights that will foster new design ideas and innovation. And lastly, become familiar with exciting technology innovations that demonstrate hot opportunity areas…..from mobile banking to matchmaking.


Masuma is the user experience research lead at Artefact and previously worked at Microsoft. Her work has most recently focused on researching and designing products for people in emerging markets such as India and China. She spent a lot of time doing field research in various countries striving to understand things like how computer usage changes when people use computers in public spaces like internet cafes and how cell phone behaviors are adapted to the environment they occur in. She worked closely with designers to create new user experiences for these underserved customers based on all the leanings discovered in field, in hopes that better designed experiences would lead to an improvement or some pleasure in these customers’ lives.

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  1. Posted September 16, 2009 at 4:19 pm

    Nice to see other presentations that are not so US-centric.