How to Manage and Motivate Creative People

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How to Manage and Motivate Creative People


Will Powley, Mad*Pow

Session Type: Presentation

Our company, Mad*Pow, has established itself as one of the top experience design agencies in North America and the reason why is because we provide a combination of unique benefits with a laid-back management style that empowers our creative staff to be the best they can as both professionals and members of their communities.

We have senior level people constantly pounding on our doors in an effort to become a member of our team and often times we hear people mention in interviews that working with us would be their dream job.

Our management style is based on trust. If a creative can exceed client expectations on every project, then as a member of our team, they can reap the rewards of flex time, extra vacation days, profit sharing all adding up to an overall ability to create an incredible work life balance.

We are trying to change to rules of management while establishing a one-of-a-kind company culture and we would like to share our thoughts, processes and benefit structure with other managers.


Will Powley, Founder and Chief Creative Officer

Will Powley is the creative visionary behind Mad*Pow. Working with clients like Fidelity, Google, Intuit, Starwood, and ESPN, he utilizes his extensive background in psychology, fine arts, live motion graphics and cutting edge new media technologies to design, develop and implement award winning digital strategies.

He is responsible for leading key accounts as well as providing high-level creative direction on all of Mad*Pow’s projects to ensure quality creative deliverables.

Prior to founding Mad*Pow, Will held a number of creative direction positions, including time at Sony Music, State Street Global Advisors and MicroArts Corporation.

Will holds a B.F.A. in Studio Art with a minor in psychology from Boston College.

When he is not focusing on the exciting future of digital design, you can find Will expressing his artistic style on a surfboard or snowboard.


  1. Posted September 15, 2009 at 3:46 pm

    I wonder if this topic could benefit from some discussion in addition to presentation? After all, you’ll have a room full of senior creative people who probably have been managed both well and poorly over their careers – and who will have picked up some tricks along the way.

  2. Posted October 1, 2009 at 5:25 pm

    certainly interested in the topic, but it sounds like part pitch for mad*pow and part potentially unattainable ways of motivating creative people if you’re in a larger company that sets the hard benefits. would be more interested in how to structure a team and encourage awesomeness with soft benefits.