In context: Designing for multi-targeted experiences

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In context: Designing for multi-targeted experiences


Aynne Valencia

Session Type: Presentation

A lot of today’s digital and product experiences have several touch points in which to reach individuals: web, widget, mobile applications, device optimized experiences, physical space experiences, etc. Designing the experience for each channel separately is not enough anymore. As designers we are finding ourselves working on one experience that runs across multiple platforms and is appropriate to the context of use. In order to create a fluid and cohesive experience, we need step back, capture and coordinate the interactions between the different media channels.

A sitemap has worked wonders for documenting websites, but our experiences have outgrown them. In this session we want to start a conversation to see how our tools can evolve to fit the needs of the experiences we are designing for now. We’ll show a survey of models some multi-targeted experiences follow and provide a set of design deliverables that we have seen applied to some degree of success in the design of this type of experiences.


Aynne Valencia is a Product Strategy and Design Consultant based in San Francisco. Most recently, Digital Product Design Director at AKQA. Aynne has over 11 years digital design experience. Her experience included: User Experience Design at Yahoo! and Lead Product Designer at Microsoft. Before turning her attention to interaction design, Aynne was an Art Director and Graphic Designer.

She is an advocate for contextual, collaborative design and employs user-centric process methodologies. She has lead multi-disciplinary teams to deliver simple, elegant and innovative solutions for her clients. She has crafted breakthrough, award winning cross-platform experiences such as mobile sites and alternate reality games. She specializes in creating next-gen products that center around social interactions and mobility. She has designed interfaces for multi-touch screens, websites, mobile devices and software.

Aynne actively contributes to the user experience community through speaking engagements, panels and reviewing papers for conferences and is currently serving as Local Leader for the San Francisco Chapter of the Interaction Designers Association (IxDA).

Guillermo Torres is part of Adobe’s XD team where as a Sr. UX Designer he works on crafting the experience for products like Flash Catalyst. Prior to joining Adobe, he navigated between interaction design and development at AKQA and Method. Always bringing a mix of both left and right brain to everything he does. In his 10 years of in the industry he has created engaging, award winning interactive experiences for global brands such as Nike, Microsoft, Visa and Target.