Influencing Behavior Through Design

Session Title

Influencing Behavior Through Design


Jamin Hegeman, Nokia

Session Type: Presentation

You’re sitting across from a research participant, an HIV positive teenage girl who has her whole life ahead of her, and she says she doesn’t take her medicine. You know she’s rolling the dice, risking her life. You know she could live a full and healthy life if she just took the medication. You could just tell her how important it is, share all your knowledge, but you know she already knows. Telling her won’t make a difference.

But maybe interacting with a product or service can. So you listen to the story of her life, and try to understand why she made this choice.

Interaction designers, with expertise in designing for behavior, can play a leading role in the design of new products and services that influence behavior. We can help people act more healthily, and even save lives. This presentation will highlight my work at Nokia with HIV patients and my research with diabetics during Adaptive Path’s Charmr project to discuss the role interaction designers have in influencing and facilitating change that improves peoples lives.


Jamin Hegeman is a senior designer at Nokia Design in San Francisco, where he works across the Nokia organization to define new services, experiences, and business opportunities. His 13 years of experience includes being a journalist, editor, web developer, interaction designer, teacher, and business owner. He has a masters in design with a focus on interaction design from Carnegie Mellon University, and a degree in poetry writing from the University of Pittsburgh. Jamin has been on the Service Design Network planning board for the 2008 and 2009 conferences. He also directed CMU’s Emergence service design conference in 2007.