IxD for the Bedroom, Bathroom and Boardroom

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IxD for the Bedroom, Bathroom and Boardroom


James Keller, Small Society

Session Type: Presentation

We are witnessing the birth of a new class of technology — pocket-sized devices with always-on broadband that understand who you are and where you are. With a technological and cultural revolution unfolding before our eyes, how do interaction designers deal with this quickly shifting landscape?

What are the business, social and cultural ramifications for designing applications in this new culture of availability? Learn how others have approached classic interaction design challenges in a way that addresses the unique contexts of mobile usage.


James Keller is a co-founder and VP of UX and Strategy at Small Society, an iPhone Strategy and Product Development agency that aims toÊhelp change the way people connect with each other and experience the world around them. With over a decade of aligning cultural trends and brand experiences with emerging technologies, James has applied her brass-tacks, user-centered approach with such esteemed clients as Whole Foods, Zipcar, Nike, and the MTV Networks.