Lines from the Designer/Developer Phrasebook

Session Title

Lines from the Designer/Developer Phrasebook


Carolyn Chandler, Manifest Digital

Session Type: Presentation

Sometimes it can feel like designers and developers are speaking different languages. Why do designers cringe when a developer says “we need to dumb down the interface?” Why do developers groan when designers say “you don’t need to join us, it’s a design meeting?” Drilling into some common phrases from the designer/developer phrasebook, we’ll take a closer look at what’s generally meant by them, how they’re often taken, and how both sides can come to better understanding.


Carolyn Chandler is the co-author of “A Project Guide to UX Design” and the Experience Design Director for Manifest Digital, a next-generation interactive agency based in Chicago. She’s been designing interactions for software and web for 12 years and leading UX teams for 10. Carolyn is a local leader in the Interaction Design Association ( and teaches at DePaul University, with a focus on helping UX designers build the skills that will help them become business leaders.