Service Design in the Wild – The shop that sold everything ever made

Session Title

Service Design in the Wild – The shop that sold everything ever made


Ahmed Riaz, Carrie Buckingham

Session Type: Presentation

As designers we believe we can play a bigger role in the strategic vision of the companies we work for. In order to be part of that vision we need a toolset that routinely crosses the boundaries between business and design, customer insight and customer support, theater and experience. Here at eBay, we have been introducing service design methods in design ecosystems on order to bring this larger strategic role to life.

One of the privileges we have at eBay is to work for some of the most eclectic, intriguing and eccentric customers. Glass eyeball collectors? Looking for your lost WWII dogtags? We’ve got it all!

Come join us in a dialogue on the challenges faced in making impact-full change at a corporate level when designing for immense ecosystem. We plan to give a introduction to the often strange and wonderful eBay customers, followed by a short exercise in sketching stories for service experiences, we’ll finish by showing how we are introducing service design to eBay and open the floor for a discussion on using services to foster multi disciplinary innovation in large corporations.

Presentation 25 min
Activity 5 min
Discussion 10 min


Ahmed Riaz

Riaz is a user experience designer with a background in industrial design and design research, an expertise in visual thinking and a passion for making objects that dissolve into behavior. He is currently trying to combine all these in a MBA in design strategy at the California College of Art.

When not designing, he can be found searching for and eating at the best hole in the wall restaurants in the world.

His past design experiences include time spent researching air craft interiors for Gulfstream Aerospace, honing his skills as a professional napkin sketcher for the visual thinking company XPLANE and reinventing e-commerce for the internet pioneer eBay.

Carrie Buckingham

Carrie is currently a Lead designer at eBay working to reshape the eBay commerce experience through the creation and evolution of its design system and the infusion of service design thinking. When not designing, she’s often fending off attacks from the family feline, Sir Winston Zigfroid Buckingham VI, or Ziggy for short.

After attending the University of Hawaii and graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design in 1999,she was designated a “flathead” by the true get-your-hands-dirty 3-d Hawaiian art students and she has spent the last decade evolving the world wide web.

Her long and illustrious career was kick started in Holland for internet publishing powerhouse Since then, she has been working her way back to the west coast of the United States, lending her talents to numerous websites in need of focused holistic design thinking, pattern creation and systematic approaches to web design.