Super Cloud Artificial Intelligence Visualization, Wow!

Session Title

Super Cloud Artificial Intelligence Visualization, Wow!


Aaron Martlage, ColdLight Solutions

Session Type: Presentation

Every day, a new widget or product comes into being which produces data. Whether it is the latest techno-gadget that fits in your pocket or the high-tech high-rise ensconced in solar film, we are slowly moving into a world where our daily decisions are supported by ubiquitous information. Harvesting this data is no longer the issue – new products are instantly online. However, making sense of this data – interacting with this data – requires a system which takes full advantage of the ethereal nature of service-based solutions.
One technique to wrangle this data into shape is employing Artificial Intelligence to do the heavy lifting. Historically, data analysis and statistical modeling required brainy quants to eliminate outliers and produce confidence intervals. Today’s solutions, powered by instantly scalable cloud-computing environments, provide AI platforms enabling non-propeller heads to discover non-obvious patterns.
This presentation is half case study, half fortune telling. The first portion will present how ColdLight Solutions has pioneered a brave new world where AI is delivered as a service to non-technical users. The second portion will make bold statements as to how humans will interact with machine intelligence in the very near future.
Topics discussed:
• What exactly does it mean to use Artificial Intelligence in the business?
• How to capitalize on cloud-computing, specifically Amazon Web Services
• Building a data-centric application usable by real people
• Visualizing complex, n-dimensional data on boring, 2-dimensional screens
• Having a “conversation” with machine intelligence today and in the future
• Just a dash of deploying a truly RIA using Microsoft Silverlight

This presentation will introduce the experience design professional to the concept of designing for not only humans, but Artificial Intelligence as well. It will forgo the technical explanations and focus on the practical approach to bringing a revolutionary product to market using cutting-edge underpinnings.


Aaron Martlage is the Director of Product Design & Development for ColdLight Solutions. ColdLight, an early stage software company near Philadelphia, PA, develops cutting-edge products utilizing cloud-based machine intelligence to tap into the vast data produced every day. Mr. Martlage gathers requirements, designs the product experience and manages the implementation of the vision.
Mr. Martlage and his colleagues at ColdLight were recently honored as the Microsoft Startup of the Day and ColdLight’s flagship product Neuron was awarded the Technology of the Year award by the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.
Prior to ColdLight, Mr. Martlage was the Director of Design for Philadelphia-based design consultancy Electronic Ink. His experience included the service design of a nursing-led critical care team; the design of a data “blackbox” system comprised of audio, video, radar and network data; and the design of a 911 call center application which was awarded Design Distinction in the Interactive category by ID Magazine.
Mr. Martlage led teams of designers and human factors specialists for Siemens Corporate Research designing enterprise product user interfaces for the NYCT Subway PA/CIS System, building management systems, and medical imaging software in the US, Germany and Hungary. He has coordinated user experience testing in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and the US. He also designed solutions at Siemens Medical Solutions for their next-generation hospital information system focusing on cardiology, radiology, and the product portal and workflow.
Mr. Martlage is a Certified Scrum Master bringing agile project management techniques to the iterative design of user experiences. He has several patents pending. Mr. Martlage is a graduate of Boston University where he majored in Advertising.