Visualizing Social Responsibility

Session Title

Visualizing Social Responsibility


Nathan Moody

Session Type: Presentation

One corporation, one world, one data set. 192 countries, hundreds of charitable programs, countless stakeholders. Two platforms…one used with a mouse, one used with fingers. Nathan Moody, design director of Stimulant, gives a detailed account of the challenges of creating interactive geographic visualizations of corporate social responsibility across multiple devices, managing public perceptions, overcoming corporate language and thinking, designing for still-evolving technologies, and showing the same content in both a GUI and a NUI context in a visually and conceptually unified way. The design, technology, and even design-oriented account management techniques he and his team used will be discussed in great depth, in the context of designing multi-platform digital narratives.


Nathan Moody, design director of Stimulant, has designed award-winning interfaces, interactions, illustrations, motion, and sound for nearly two decades. He has translated business goals into sounds, motion, images, and user experiences for Adobe, Charles Schwab, General Motors, General Electric, Kodak, Leapfrog, Microsoft, National Geographic, Oracle, The North Face, Timberland, and Reebok. Nathan is a published magazine and book author, awards judge, and frequent public speaker on design and emergent interface paradigms.