Work It. Lessons learned from a year in advertising

Session Title

Work It. Lessons learned from a year in advertising


Aynne Valencia

Session Type: Presentation

Wanna sell that idea to your team? Want to make a design deliverable that makes your client say yes? Want some ideas that leave them with shock and awe?

Aynne will share lessons learned, trends, tips and tricks and specific techniques for getting unstuck, being outlandishly creative and selling your interaction design ideas.


Aynne Valencia is a Product experience strategist and designer. She specializes in working on new consumer products and next generation product conceptual design.

Aynne has over 11 years digital design experience. Most recently Digital Product Design Director at AKQA, San Francisco, her experience included: User Experience Design at Yahoo! and Lead Product Designer at Microsoft. Before turning her attention to interaction design, Aynne was an Art Director and Graphic Designer.

She is an advocate for contextual, collaborative design and employs user-centric process methodologies. She has lead multi-disciplinary teams to deliver simple, elegant and innovative solutions for her clients.

She has crafted breakthrough, award winning cross-platform experiences such as mobile sites and alternate reality games. She specializes in creating next-gen products that center around social interactions and mobility. She has designed interfaces for multi-touch screens, websites, mobile devices and software.