Interaction10 Global Student Competition

Finalist Scholarship Details

Finalists will be getting scholarships to attend Interaction10 | Savannah to compete in the second stage.

For group submissions, only the primary representative of the group is eligible for the scholarship prize and can participate in Stage 2 of the competition.

Finalists will have the following paid for:

  • Full conference fee, but no workshops (Finalists will be busy during the pre-workshops and will not be able to participate anyway.)
  • Airfare (up to $600 for domestic continental-US travel and up to $2000 for international travel [Europe & S. America $1200, rest of world $2000]. All flights are coach class only. Travel to be booked by IxDA.)
  • Hotel (Finalists will be put up in a standard room at one of the conference hotels in Savannah checking in 3-Feb and checking out 8-Feb.)

NOTE: International Finalists will be responsible for having a valid passport and obtaining any needed visas. IxDA will provide Finalists with a letter confirming their participation in the competition for US Immigration Processing within 1 week of announcing the finalists.