Interaction10 Global Student Competition

Stage 2: 3 Elements In Savannah

Element 1: Poster – 20% value

Posters should be no larger than 36″x24″ (corresponds to 900 x 600mm; closest ISO size is A1 which is 841 x 594mm). The poster should summarize your process book using as much visual language so that viewers of the poster can understand the salient points from your process book. Finalists will have their posters exhibited during the Interaction10 | Savannah conference. Finalists will be responsible for printing and matting their posters to be exhibited.

People from the entire global community will be encouraged to vote on digital versions of the poster, while conference attendees will get to look at the posters and vote in the Art Gallery exhibition. These total audience votes will account for 50% of the total value for this design challenge element. The jury will make up the other 50%.

Posters will be hung in the Art Gallery (link to description of art gallery) before the main conference begins on February 5, 2010. Student is responsible for making sure all materials arrive in Savannah in a timely manner and in good condition. Further details will be delivered to the finalists upon receiving word of becoming a finalist.
Judging Criteria for Jury

Clarity – the poster presents the idea clearly
Originality – concepts depicted innovate on how to communicate their ideas
Completeness – the poster contains all of the core concepts of the original process book.

Element 2: Finalist On site 24-hour Challenge – 60% value

Finalists will be given a 24-hour challenge that explores the spirit of the competition. The exact task will only be revealed at the conference itself, but the finalists will be given the general topic area in advance so they can prepare basic research and tools before attending. Assessment criteria will be presented together with the brief for the design task when the finalists arrive.

Element 3: On site presentations – 20% value

Finalists will present their work from Element 3: the on-site 24-hour challenge. They will have 10 minutes to present their work to the plenary of the conference. Conference attendees will then be able to vote for their favorite. These votes will count towards 50% of the total value for this element.

Judging criteria
We will be looking for presentation style and the student’s ability to convey the important aspects of their submission in this style. We are also looking at aesthetics and presentation method. People attending the conference will have a means of expressing their rating of each presentation. These will be added to the formal jury’s ratings against explicit criteria.